Established in 2021, the Purasa family blossomed from a deep-rooted passion for Thai local textiles. We embarked on a journey of sustainability, one mindful step at a time, from honoring the value of every craftsman, nurturing our artisans' mindset and skill sets and enforcing a zero-waste production ethic.

Our endeavor is to create financial sustainability for our surrounding communities, mitigating the necessity to leave their beloved hometowns for jobs in bustling cities. We empower the unrecognized, transforming them into community leaders who dare to envision change and take decisive actions. Through the development of their skill sets, we equip them to excel in their areas of expertise. We believe in the innate uniqueness of every individual and their capacity to enrich others with their distinct skills and talents.

Our vision extends beyond being an elite fashion brand. We aspire to be a symbol of the highest moral integrity, ethical standards, and champions of sustainability and craftsmanship.

With a profound respect for the environment, we relentlessly strive to minimize waste. Our handmade approach to most of our production process ensures this commitment, while we innovatively recycle & reuse excess and unused materials to create something beautiful and new.

Why do we love what we do, and why will you want to join our vision and mission?

At Purasa, we meticulously weave the highest standards of Thai cultural heritage into every piece of our collections. Beyond crafting aesthetic textiles for our clients, each piece is a testament to the skill of local artisans, the spirit of community, and the pursuit of sustainability in preserving the generation-old Thai weaving craftsmanship.

We celebrate tradition, transforming the lives of our team into robust, self-reliant individuals, thereby enriching the essence of our business and the entire community at large. This ethos empowers the community to recognize their inherent value and the precious wisdom passed down through generations.

Purasa Office

168/179 Sri Thep Thai Parkville
Sirisothorn, T. Ta-Sa An, Bangpakong,
Chachoengsao 24130 Thailand

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