The Founder, PURASA.

I grew up with crafting ever since I can remember. As a kid, I made things with my own hands as a gift to people around. Some were for sale. I am always happy to see customers’ happy smiles when they receive something from me.

In 1993, during that time, the Teen Jok fabric, the traditional woven fabric of my district, started to become popular since the queen visited and sent people to support and teach the villagers. In the past, when there was almost none weaver for Teen Jok fabric, my mother was one of the first to receive the teaching and taught many more villagers, so they began to have better income and quality of life.

I was only 10 years old when I saw my mother weave fabric all day and night. My mother drafted the patterns for weavers to weave them. I watched her every day anxiously. My mother asked if I wanted to learn it, and I said yes. It took me almost 7 hours to think and do it (usually it only takes 2 hours). With my own practice, I made it, and never forgot until now.

Since then, after school and every holiday I weaved and got hired to draft patterns for mother’s customers and weavers. I was happy every time I weave fabric, even sometimes I forgot the time passed. Grandma always came to sit next to me and cheer me up. When I grew up, I have been to study abroad, and there was a time when I had to decide what to do with my life (2012). That night, I had a dream of King Rama IX appearing and holding my hand tightly, and when I wake up, I know what to do.

I returned to do what I love, draft fabric pattern, design new patterns, improve and develop myself, learn techniques from other places and adapt them with my work. I like to travel, so I learned techniques and their culture as well. I love nature, culture and modern, so my work design is modern with culture integrated into pieces. I love colors. It makes me feel cheerful, happy, not boring, so most of my work is colorful. I want people to wear my cloth with fun, happiness and modern. I am also interested in foreign culture too, in the future,

I would like to do my job as a cross culture too. My job is not just to make customers happy, my workers also have to be happy with a better quality of life as well. I believed that the good work comes out of the happiness of people doing it.